Our Company provides outstanding service, through teamwork and innovation; of which is reflected in the quality of our results. We offer instant recharge of airtime, databundle, cable TV subscriptions (DSTV, GOTV, & STARTTIMES) Electricity bill payments and Airtime to Cash.


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We serve a resell customer base that continues to grow exponentially, offering transmission services that span various categories including Noble Data, cable sub, electric bill, Airtime(vtu), phones and much more. Our range of services are designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with the resell process; these services include our Affordable price guarantee, Automated, Reliable, dedicated customer service support and many other premium services. As we continue to expand the Platform, our scope of offerings will increase in variety, simplicity and convenience; join us and enjoy the increasing


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Start enjoying this very low rates for your internet browsing databundle.

Cable Subscription

Instantly Activate Cable subscription with favourable discount compare to others .

Airtime Toup

We offer this service at a 97% DISCOUNTED RATE.This simply means that if you want to recharge N1,000 worth of AIRTIME, you will make a payment of N970.

Airtime To Cash

We offer this service at a very good attractive rate please login to get current conversion rate.

Bill Payment

Make Payment for PHCN electricity bills. Postpaid & Prepaid. Simple bills payment from the comfort of your own home.

Bulk Sms

Send BulkSMS to any number for as low as just 2.5kobo per unit

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Data Bundles

Cheap Data Pice And Plans


500.0MB ₦132 1month = *461*4#
500.0MB ₦140 1month = *460*260#
1.0GB ₦262 1month = *461*4#
1.0GB ₦270 1month = *460*260#
2.0GB ₦524 1month = *461*4#
2.0GB ₦540 1month = *460*260#
3.0GB ₦786 1month = *461*4#
3.0GB ₦810 1moth = *460*260#
5.0GB ₦1310 1month = *461*4#
5.0GB ₦1350 1month = *460*260#
10.0GB ₦2620 1month = *461*4#
10.0GB ₦2700 1month = *460*260#


500.0MB ₦145 Monthly
1.0GB ₦285 Monthly
750.0MB ₦475 2weeks
2.0GB ₦570 Monthly
1.5GB ₦950 Monthly
2.0GB ₦1140 Monthly
3.0GB ₦1425 Monthly
5.0GB ₦1425 Monthly
4.5GB ₦1900 Monthly
6.0GB ₦2375 Monthly
10.0GB ₦2850 Monthly
11.0GB ₦3800 Monthly
15.0GB ₦4275 Monthly
20.0GB ₦4860 Monthly
20.0GB ₦5700 Monthly
40.0GB ₦9500 Monthly
110.0GB ₦19000 Monthly


500.0MB ₦145 Monthly
1.0GB ₦285 Monthly
1.0GB ₦465 2 weeks
2.0GB ₦570 Monthly
3.0GB ₦855 Monthly
2.3GB ₦930 30 days
3.75GB ₦1385 Monthly
5.0GB ₦1425 Monthly
5.25GB ₦1840 Monthly
7.0GB ₦2295 Valid for 30days
9.0GB ₦2750 Monthly
10.0GB ₦2850 Monthly
12.0GB ₦3660 Monthly
16.5GB ₦4570 Monthly
25.0GB ₦7300 Monthly
42.0GB ₦9120 Monthly
78.0GB ₦13670 Monthly
100.0GB ₦16400 Monthly
115.0GB ₦18220 Monthly


100.0MB ₦40 30 days
250.0MB ₦65 30 days
500.0MB ₦85 Monthly
1.0GB ₦165 Monthly
1.5GB ₦235 Monthly
2.0GB ₦330 Monthly
4.5GB ₦436 Monthly
3.0GB ₦495 Monthly
5.0GB ₦825 Monthly
10.0GB ₦1650 Monthly
11.0GB ₦1815 Monthly
15.0GB ₦2475 Monthly
20.0GB ₦3300 Monthly
40.0GB ₦6600 Monthly


1. Login into your account
2. If not click here to register
3. After log in click fund my account
4. Select Coupon payment

MTN-> *461*4#
9mobile[SME]-> *229*9#
9mobile[Gifting]-> *228#
Airtel-> *140#
Glo-> *127*0#.

You can fund your wallet using any of our Four payment means:
Bank payment.
Online Payment with your ATM card details via Pay stack Payment Gateway.
Payment with airtime.
Payment with Coupon Code(s).